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‘There’s a Lid for Every Saucepan’ – a conversations about sex during menopause with Doctor Karen Baynon

‘There’s a Lid for Every Saucepan’ – a conversations about sex during menopause with Doctor Karen Baynon

August 8, 2022

In episode #46 Mel and Trish chat with ‘Don’t Give a Fifty’ resident G.P Doctor Karen Baynon about sex during menopause.

According to Doctor Karen, change is good and it’s certainly the case for how we approach sex during midlife because for many of us, sex during or after menopause looks different to what it was when we were younger and guess what? That’s ok.

Doctor Karen sheds light on how to navigate the physiological changes as well as changes in desire and it’s not all on us. Many men have reduced libido at this time as well, they just don’t talk about it.

The girls also chat about the huge challenges faced by women who have undergone chemotherapy treatments for cancer and cannot use mainstream treatments as part of their journey through menopause. Sex is just one of they many areas affected by this experience.

Enjoy this great chat with lots of laughs, important information and messages and answers found in interesting places….


Clinic website

Keep, Chuck, Donate – The Art of Downsizing with Leah Steinberg

Keep, Chuck, Donate – The Art of Downsizing with Leah Steinberg

August 1, 2022

In episode #45 Trish and Mel invite 40isher Leah Steinberg into the studio to chat about the often difficult, but very relevant process of decluttering, downsizing and moving.

Midlife is a time when many of us are making changes which involve downsizing, packing up and moving. If not for ourselves, we’re helping our parents as they prepare to move to new homes that provide either more care or more security. But it’s not easy. How do we let go of some belongings? What stays and what goes? And what do we do if there are hoarders in our midst?

Leah is the co-founder of Care to Move, a business that helps clients declutter and downsize. She’s merged her nursing background with a degree in business communications to approach her role with empathy and pragmatism. It’s part project management, part Marie Kondo, part conflict resolution but always with lots of care and compassion.

She shares tips on how to handle the process and teaches the girls the difference between hoarding and collecting.

Enjoy the gorgeous and very caring, Leah Steinberg




At the Crossroad with Michelle Cross

At the Crossroad with Michelle Cross

July 25, 2022

In episode #44 Mel and Trish sit down with Trish’s good friend Michelle Cross, aka Roona to chat about her career and the value of taking a risk.

Michelle was a busy, full-time working mother with a long career in the very stable and secure institution of teaching and educating when she hit a crossroad. Feeling unfulfilled, she put her career and financial stability on the line, trusted her instinct and co-founded The Performers Studio. At the time, The Performers Studio was created in response to the need for quality education and training for emerging artists to be industry-ready professionals. Basically, Michelle identified a gap in the market and, never one to sit still and just think about things, took action, and brought about major change – for herself, her family and the many students who have passed through its doors.

However, Michelle’s story doesn’t end there. Like many remarkable 50ishers, she continues to reinvent herself and thrive in the process.


The Performers Studio Website

Susan Jarvis, the Maven

Susan Jarvis, the Maven

July 18, 2022

In episode 43, Mel and Trish sit down with Susan Jarvis, the visionary behind the website and online community, The Spicy Boudoir and host of the podcast The Maven’s Private Diaries to talk about the often-stigmatised topics of sexual expression and intimate devices.

The girls always said there was no topic off limits and today they’re going there. Mel and Trish bring you into the world of Susan Jarvis – visionary, businesswoman, communicator, educator, and advocate for sexual freedom and ageless sexuality. Susan describes herself as an ordinary woman who discovered her extraordinary self by tapping into her sexual energy and so begins the chat…

She believes the importance of self-pleasure can never be understated because if you can ask what you want in the bedroom, you can ask what you want in the boardroom and that’s powerful!

She shares her stories, her experiences, and her wisdom with the girls on this revealing, entertaining and important episode.

Enjoy an insight into the liberated and reclaimed life of Susan Jarvis, the Maven.


Website and Resources

The Maven's Private Diaries Podcast

Online forum for older women embracing their sexuality

Just the Two of Us – our Fifty’n Faves

Just the Two of Us – our Fifty’n Faves

July 11, 2022

In episode 42, Mel and Trish sit down together for the second addition of their new segment, ‘Just the Two of Us.’

This week, Mel and Trish chew the fat (a favourite expression of Mel's and one that makes Trish gag!) about what their fifty’n loving – TV Shows, celebrities, podcasts etc as well as one issue they’re both fifty’n hating.

Enjoy, a very typical chat between two long term 50ish girlfriends.

Podcast: Ladies We Need To Talk

Podcast: Mamamia No Filter

Podcast: The Imperfects

Podcast: Shameless

Podcast: My Dad Wrote a Porno

Queen Menopause: Finding your majesty in the mayhem

Queen Menopause: Finding your majesty in the mayhem

July 4, 2022

Episode 42 sees Mel and Trish chatting to the girl everyone wanted to be growing up, Alison Brahe Daddo about life and her book Queen Menopause: Finding the majesty in the mayhem.

Alison Brahe was a household name, the girl we all saw on the cover of Dolly, Cosmopolitan and Cleo magazines throughout the 80s and 90s who then went on to marry Australia’s most eligible bachelor, Cameron Daddo. Fast forward 25+ years and 50isher Alison, or Ali, would be facing the same challenges most women do as they navigate through the mind field of changes that accompany perimenopause and menopause.

It was this journey of self-discovery that compelled her to write Queen Menopause: Finding your majesty in the mayhem. The book combines research on different modalities and treatment options along with word-for-word entries from her private journals and learnings shared by other women.

This chat reveals Ali is not just a pretty face, nor a wife and mother to three children. She is a screenwriter, podcaster, teacher and more. She has faced some enormous challenges and celebrated some amazing highs during her life in the public eye.

Enjoy the delightful and very grounded Ali Brahe Daddo.


Queen Menopause: Finding your majesty in the mayhem

Secrets Beyond the Screen

Secrets Beyond the Screen

June 27, 2022

For their 40th episode, Mel and Trish invite the incredible Anita Jacoby onto the podcast to chat about her recently released book Secrets Beyond the Screen.

Some women are born destined to have fascinating lives on multiple levels and Anita Jacoby easily falls into that category. She held senior production roles with all of Australia’s commercial networks as well as the ABC, SBS and Foxtel on programs such as 60 minutes, Gruen Transfer, Witness, Enough Rope with Andrew Denton, LAWS, Good Morning Australia and the Today Show. She was also the first woman in media to be appointed managing director of an international production company.

As well as holding positions on numerous boards including Women in Media, Headspace and the ABC Advisory Council, she has recently written a book Secrets Beyond the Screen which not only covers her career in television but also the fascinating discoveries of secret parts of her father’s life whom she shared a close, loving relationship with and thought she knew so well. In her own words it’s a story that “proves that children, no matter how wise or old they become, never truly know their parents.”

Enjoy the many fascinating stories of gorgeous Anita Jacoby.


Secrets Beyond the Screen

Re-defining age with Faith Agugu

Re-defining age with Faith Agugu

June 20, 2022

In episode 39, Mel and Trish chat to one of their 50ish idols Faith Agugu about re-defining ageing and what exactly that means.

Faith founded Silver Sirens in 2018 as a way of offering women an alternative narrative to ageing. Specifically, she wanted to push back and disrupt the negative stereotypes associated with women and ageing. The fifteen guiding principles of the Silver Sirens include ideas such as emboldening women to embrace the ageing process, discouraging the judgement of women based on her age, weight, body shape, beauty, success, or failures and always, encourages individual expression.

Faith sees midlife as a time to thrive, when we can finally begin to explore our own agency, reclaim our passions and purpose, create opportunities to fulfill our full potential and explore our own dreams and desires. She is a powerhouse of positivity and a joy to listen to.

Faith is also a psychotherapist with a degree in Social Sciences majoring in counselling and runs a private practice, The Healing Process.

Enjoy every moment of this remarkable 50isher.

Silver Sirens Website

Silver Sirens Facebook group

Silver Sirens Instagram

The Healing Process Website

We Love Your Guts Kirsty Wirth

We Love Your Guts Kirsty Wirth

June 13, 2022

In episode 38, Mel & Trish sit down to chat with gut-health guru Kirsty Wirth.

Kirsty is the super smart brainchild and founder of Kultured Wellness, a company whose mission is to inspire and educate people to take control of their health by eating real and fermented foods that nourish both the brain and the gut.

She is the creator of Kultured Wellness Culture Starters, functional supplements, gut healing programs and is the co-author of Gutalicious. She is mum to two gorgeous kids, a huge nature lover and real-life adventurer.

As with all our guests, there is an incredible back story that set Kirsty on the path of wellness.

Enjoy the infectious enthusiasm of Kirsty Wirth.





The re-emerging of Bronwen Healy

The re-emerging of Bronwen Healy

June 6, 2022

In episode 37 Mel and Trish invite Bronwen Healy into the studio to tell her compelling story.

At the age of 18, Bronwen found herself with a heroin addiction that led to a life of crime and prostitution for the next six years. But as we discover, Bronwen’s re-emergence from this life was just the beginning of extraordinary things to come.

She is an author, motivational speaker, a charity and social enterprise founder, mum to three young adult daughters and currently a student studying counselling. She has shaken hands with the future King of England, sat on a charity board with her friend, the Lord Mayor of Brisbane and was a Queensland finalist for Australian of the Year.

She has shared and hosted meals for women struggling with addictions and caught up in the sex industry. She is a remarkable woman with a deep understanding and acceptance of who she is and also happens to be one of the best huggers ever!

Enjoy the girl's chat with Bronwen.

Love.Bronwen's Instagram

Bronwyn Healy Instagram

The Truth Collective Instagram

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